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I share my thoughts about various topics on my blog, 100% Geek.

I am entertained by: crosswords; mythology; space; how things work.

My musical tastes are varied, but my top genres include: celtic; female vocalist; scandinavian; symphonic metal. I particularly enjoy: Dream Theater; Linkin Park; Tarja Turunen; Within Temptation.

I read fantasy and sci-fi books. My favourite series/authors include: Frank Herbert's Dune; Raymond E Feist; Robin Hobb; L.E Modesitt's Saga of Recluse; Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

My top games remain the classics: Civilization 2; Counter-Strike 1.3; Deus Ex; Firearms; Neverwinter Nights; Unreal Tournament.

I find yoga a great form of exercise, and complementary to climbing.

I enjoy playing pool and accept all challengers. (I will win.)

I enjoy walking, and will happily go wandering around outside in all sorts of weather.